Carole Simpson: Why Was I Not Invited to the Party?

Former ABC Anchor Carole Simpson is pissed that she wasn't invited to Barbara Walters on air goodbye.

Simpson took to Facebook to voice her displeasure and hints that ABC didn't invite her because she is an angry black woman.

Simpson writes on Facebook:

I wonder why I wasn't included among the two dozen network newswomen and anchors who feted Barbara Walters at a private party and then on "The View?" We both worked at NBC and ABC at the same times. She is my idol and I believe she knows that. At first I was very sad and now I am very mad. I guess ABC News, after my 24 years there, still considers me persona non grata. The black woman anchor, who had to speak her mind for herself and others, is erased from ABC history. I will say a solo goodbye to Barbara and ABC news can just...

She didn't finish that thought, but I think most of us can guess what she was going to say.