Jeff Zucker Admits that CNN has given up on Real News Coverage

If you want confirmation that CNN boss Jeff Zucker has given up on covering real news, then you just have to look at what he said in a recent interview about CNN's missing plane coverage.

In an interview with Mashable last week, Zucker  said this:

“I think that if people want to be critical of CNN for over-covering a story, that’s totally fine with us,” CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker told Mashable. “Clearly, the audience has spoken and said that what CNN did was correct.”

So the spike in ratings proves that Zucker and CNN's choice to abandon all other news was the right choice?

I bet if Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer oil wrestled naked during the 9PM hour on CNN, ratings would also spike. In fact, we're willing to bet they would be higher than CNN's plane coverage ratings.

Does that make it the right choice?

Why not have Kim Kardashian and Honey Boo Boo anchor the newscast. Ratings will go up....does that make it right choice Jeff?

Clearly Zucker has shown that CNN is all about getting ratings and not covering news. 

We feel sorry for the real Journalists that are still stuck working at CNN. 

Your leader is failing you all in the name of eyeballs.