CNN Ratings Fall to Lowest in 15 Years

Somewhere Piers Morgan is smiling.

Morgan was dropped from CNN's prime time after his ratings had fallen to historic lows. But, with Bill Weir hosting CNN Tonight in Morgan's old spot, the ratings are still sucking. 

CNN Tonight averaged its second-lowest ratings during the 9 p.m. hour on Friday in both the 25-54 demo and total viewers in nearly 15 years. The CNN show had 48K viewers in the demo and 226K total, according to Nielsen.

The only other time the 9 p.m. hour rated lower than that in total viewers dating back to 2000 came on October 11, 2010 when Larry King Live had 196K. In the demo, it occurred on May 15, 2012 when Piers Morgan Tonight had just 39K viewers.

So while Wier's ratings were very low, they still didn't scrape the bottom like Piers did.

Maybe he's not smiling after all. 

H/T Mediaite