Police Chief Explores Legal Action Against Palm Beach Station

WPEC is located in Riviera Beach, which is located just north of West Palm Beach, the market the station serves. The station is owned by Sinclair. 

The Police Chief of Riviera Beach is not happy that the station showed up at his house in a live truck to ask him questions about an amber alert that was issued and then lifted a short time later.

Chief Clarence Williams fired off and email to city spokesperson Rose Anne Brown claiming that the station is racist and upset his 87 year old mother. He says he is now consider legal action.

Here is the email as he sent it:

From: “Williams, Clarence D, lll” <cwilliams@rivierabch.com<mailto:cwilliams@rivierabch.com>>
Date: May 10, 2014 at 12:32:33 PM EDT
To: “Brown, Rose Anne” <rabrown@rivierabch.com<mailto:RABrown@Rivierabch.com>>
Cc: “Ryan, Pamala Hanna” <pryan@rivierabch.com<mailto:pryan@rivierabch.com>>
Subject: Re: Amber Alert Downgraded

Rose Anne, please let c-12 news director know I am not happy about their new crew coming to my home…disturbing my 87 year old Mother and neighbors.  I consider their actions a violation of public trust and RACIST!! No other public safety official in this media market has ever been treated this way. I will be meeting with the City Attorney on Monday as well as my  personal Attorney to seek an injunction preventing future displays of this nature on news issues not related to me in my capacity. I want a letter from my PIO expressing outrage at this practice and expressed again at your next association PIO meeting!


WPEC has not commented on the chief's complaint and his calling the station racist. 

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