Here Goes The Weather Channel again

The folks at the Weather Channel just can't keep their mouth shut.

TWC got into a Twitter fight with a Ft. Worth Council member.

Councilman Joel Burns, who has been leading a fight for gay teens and to end bullying had downloaded TWC's app and got tired of seeing pictures of Dallas when the Weather Channel app was giving weather details for Ft. Worth.

Burns took to Twitter to get TWC to make the change:

He then did as promised and deleted the Weather Channel's app from his phone.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 2.45.53 PM.png

Only then did The Weather Channel reply on Twitter: 

Many on Twitter thought the Weather Channel's response was a bit crass and they started tweeting their disproval: 

After all the negative tweets, The Weather Channel said they were sorry:

No word if anyone from TWC is now looking for employment. But someone should be.