Gannett Needs to Learn how the Internet Works

You would think a media company like Gannett would understand how the Internet works. But, it appears that they don't have a clue, or at least their legal department doesn't understand.

This week, FTVLive received and email from Gannett lawyer William T. Herman, requesting that we take down the video of WGRZ (Buffalo) Weatherman Andy Parker having a giggle fit on the air.

Although, we think FTVLive's use of the video falls easily within the "fair use" guidelines, in this case  it's a moot point.

You see, the video is embedded right from the WGRZ website which is owned by Gannett.   Andy Parker posted the link on his Facebook page and we took the embed code from there. 

So if Mr. Herman and Gannett do not want the video shared on other websites, why did the Gannett station upload the video and include the embed code?

Really? This is a media company right?


Here is the video once again embedded from the WGRZ website: