Boy Scouts Rescue Ann Curry on Mountain

NBC's Ann Curry was hiking on a mountain in New York when she fell and broke her ankle.

Lucky for her, the Boy Scouts from Troop 368 from Berkeley Heights, N.J were also hiking on the same mountain.

The scouts jumped into action to help the former Today Show anchor. They made a splint for her leg and built a stretcher to carry Curry off the mountain (lucky for them, it wasn't Al Roker).

Scouter Rick Jurgens recounts what happens in Scouting Magazine:

"The guys on their own, with no direction from me, start running into the woods," Jurgens said. "And she didn't know what was going on, and I didn't know what was going on either."

Turns out they were finding pieces of wood for a makeshift stretcher — the same kind they teach you to make in first-aid classes. They found two strong sticks and tied on a tarp. One of the Scouts, Andrew Stecher, got on the stretcher to test its load-bearing ability. It worked.

They set the stretcher next to Curry, her ankle really swelling up now. She slid onto it, and the Scouts picked her up. Jurgens and another adult helped guide the Scouts and point out rocks along their path.

The boys didn't know that they had just saved a real live TV star until one of the boys Googled Curry on his phone.

A few days later, Curry sat down and wrote the boy scouts a thank you letter:

H/T Gawker