Barbara Walters Readies to Sign Off

We'll believe it when we see it.

But, Barbara Walters says she’s ready to go cold turkey when she signs off from TV this week. 

Walters signs off from “The View” on Friday, wrapping up a half century in which she became one of the most influential and recognizable news and talk personalities on television.

“It’s the first time I don’t have something else [on the air] to go to,” says Walters, who turns 85 in September. “I look forward to that.

“I could stay on if I wanted to. I control the show. It’s not as if anyone asked me to leave.

“But I’ve accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.”

“The View” plans a week of specials, including a reunion Thursday of all past and present hosts.

On Friday night, 9-11, ABC will broadcast a two-hour retrospective on Walters’ career.

The network is also naming its New York news headquarters after her.

Walters says she hasn’t yet written what she will say at the end of Friday’s “View,” beyond that she will thank her long-time co-producer Bill Geddie.

“I’ll say something,” she says. “It won’t be long, but it is the end of my whole career.”

So she says, anyway.

“I have friends who are news junkies,” she muses. “They’re sitting there checking their iPads every minute.

“I try to know what’s going on, but I’m not like that. If you put me on an island without an iPad or any news source, I’d be very happy.

“For two days.”

H/T NY Daily News