NY Anchor Writing Book about Her Nasty Divorce

TV stations love to waste viewer's time with on air marriage proposals. FTVLive always thought that if you're going to show that crap on TV, you should also show when the couple files their divorce papers.

Now, at least one New York Anchor has picked up on our idea....sort of. 

WPIX Anchor Tamsen Fadal is writing a tell-all about her nasty divorce from ex-husband Matt Titus.

The Anchor's book “The New Single,” details the rocky split with her ex-husband, and she provides a road map to being a new divorcee.

Sources say Fadal kicks off the book by saying: “In 2007, I was married in the New York Times. In 2012, I was divorced in the New York Post. Not exactly Cinderella’s story, but it is mine.”

Fadal married Titus, a self-proclaimed “relationship expert,” in 2007, and her wedding was covered by the Times’ Style section’s “Vows” column.

The couple subsequently created a matchmaking business and wrote several books on relationships together.

But the two parted ways in 2012, and Page Six revealed at the time that Titus had a relationship with an employee at their “Love Consultants” business while he was separated from — but still married to — Fadal.


“The New Single” will be released in May 2015.