Headed Down The 5

KGO main Anchor Carolyn Johnson is headed down I-5 from San Francisco to LA and KNBC.

Johnson was anchoring the 5 and 11PM newscasts and will be doing the Noon and 6PM at KNBC. 

Some LA insiders believe that Johnson will eventually replace the veteran Colleen Williams as the main 5PM and 11Pm anchor at the NBC O&O.

At least one insider thinks that this move was also a way for Valari Staab, the NBC O&O chief, to tweak her old station, KGO, where she used to be GM.

In the past two weeks, KNBC has absorbed two new weekday anchors, Johnson, as well as a new morning anchor from WMAQ, the NBC O&O in Chicago.

Word is that Staab is the one orchestrating the talent moves.