Even the Chicago Mayor has not Watched CNN's Chicagoland

FTVLive told you that the ratings for CNN's Chicagoland were not very good.

How bad were they?

The Mayor of Chicago says he hasn't watched any of the episodes and he's the star.

CNN has come under fire for basically promising the Mayor that the show would make him look good. 

Yesterday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel sought to pivot away from questions about how his top aides worked with producers to coordinate scenes for CNN’s “Chicagoland” documentary.

Emanuel said that his spokeswoman already had answered numerous questions about the administration’s involvement with “Chicagoland.”

On Friday, the Chicago Tribune reported that more than 700 city emails showed Emanuel’s senior staff working hand in hand with “Chicagoland” producers to develop story lines, arrange specific camera shots and review drafts of a CNN news release officially announcing the show.

On Wednesday, Emanuel took reporters’ questions for the first time since the Tribune story was published. Asked whether his staff’s work with the producers to set up key interactions for the eight-part TV series was appropriate, Emanuel said his communications director, Sarah Hamilton, already had covered the topic.

“Look, Sarah has answered that question tirelessly,” Emanuel said. “I think if you look at that, there’s a lot of different views, in which (the producers) expressed they didn’t get all the cooperation they wanted.”

They didn't get the ratings they wanted either. 

Just saying....