Breaking News! FTVLive Takes a Day Off


As hard as this is to believe, I am taking Today off.

It's not because I want to, but I have to travel Today and I will not have the chance to update the site.

FTVLive has gone over 300 days without taking off a single day. I have updated 7 days a week for the better part of a year.

Christmas, New Years, Easter, FTVLive updated all those days as well.

If you a TV Executive, this is the day you should have mass layoffs, or suspend staff. This is your one day to throw the bad news out there and not get raked over the FTVLive coals.

FTVLive will be back on Saturday and over the weekend with some updates. We will be back to full strength on Monday.

I will use Today, to thank each and every one of you, plus all of FTVLive's awesome sponsors for making this website a big success.

I get hundreds of emails each week from people saying how this site is a must read and how they stop by several times a day to see what is going on in this crazy industry that we have all, for some reason, decided to work in.

Since FTVLive is taking the day off, feel free to do so yourself. Just tell your boss that we said it was OK.

Have a great weekend!