Fox Business to Sponsor the Duff

Fox Business has inked a sponsorship deal with pro golfer Jason Dufner. 

“Our viewers are champions of business and industry and they are interested in golf and tennis, and we saw a lot of correlation there, “ said Brian Jones, senior vice president of programming and operations at Fox Business Network. “We wanted to have an ongoing relationship with someone who is seen as an up and coming player.”

“You will see our brand logos on his apparel, and then we will talk to him as the season progresses about personal appearances on the channel and, obviously, social media,” said Jones, who declined to discuss how much FBN was paying in the sponsorship pact.

Dufner won the PGA Championship last year, but might be more famous to non golfers for inventing Dufnering (which he is doing in the picture above).

H/T Variety