Walters Will Sign off in the May Book

Barbara Walters has set her date to sign off from The View and surprise, surprise it will happen in the May book.

Walters plans to make her final appearance on "The View" on May 16, part of a daylong retirement celebration that will include ABC News naming its New York headquarters after her.

Later that night, ABC will air a two-hour primetime special on her career. Walters, who is 84, began in television in 1961 and became the medium's best-known interviewer. 

Walters will remain involved behind the scenes as an executive producer at "The View," the daytime talk show she invented.

"It's a special day for me," Walters said on Monday's View, reiterating the finale date news. But she noted she'll "keep my eye" on all of you, as she continues to executive produce the daily gabfest.

"I don't want to get too weepy," she said.

H/T USA Today