Pushed out in Portland

Bruce Sussman, a veteran weather forecaster on Portland TV stations, is no longer the chief meteorologist at KOIN, the CBS affiliate in Portland.

On Sussman's Facebook page, KOIN reporter Joel Iwanaga shared a photo of Sussman and himself, with the following post:

Bruce is more than a colleague, but a trusted friend. Bruce delivered his last weathercast tonight and will be leaving our tv station. Bittersweet for us in the newsroom because while he will be missed ... We know he will be successful in his next move. Bruce is a true class act. He loves his family, God, and.. Of course .. Weather. Bruce, we love you, your compassion for others and your passion for television news. All my best!

Sussman responded:

Thanks to Joel for his kind words. And thanks to you for our interactions on Facebook. Your posts and messages have helped with covering storms and showing off the beauty of the northwest. And I appreciate the great comments too!

H/T Oregonian