Group Says Sacramento Station Lied in Report

A Pro-Life group is calling out KOVR in Sacramento, accusing the station of staging video for a report.

Project Truth accuses KOVR of misleading and slanderous reporting of a pro-life outreach campaign by group at Cordova High School in the City of Rancho Cordova.

Here is the report that Project Truth is calling into question.

In a letter to News Director Tom Bell and GM Kevin Walsh, Project Truth writes: 

"Your news story, which depicts a man wearing a black shirt, dark colored  pants and a baseball hat purportedly putting a Project Truth leaflet on Larry Blount’s car in his driveway, was misleading and slanderous. First, the man depicted in the video is not a participant with Project Truth and did not put the leaflet on the car. It appears as though this was staged for the news story. If your story was truly about “Getting Answers” as you claim it was, then why didn’t your reporter, Anjalie Hemphill, attempt to interview the man in the cap?"

The letter goes on to say:

"The obvious bias and lack of true reporting demonstrated by Ms. Hemphill is deplorable. We are demanding that your news station 1) issue an apology to Project Truth for the false report, 2) report a follow up to the story correcting the falsehoods promulgated by Ms. Hemphill, and 3) denounce the threats of violence and hate speech listed in the comments section of the story on your station’s website."

So far, KOVR has not responded to the letter questioning their report.