Huntsville Producer Headed to Afghanistan

Producers, net time you bitch about a Reporter's story not coming through, just remember it could be worse.

WHNT Producer Chase Moon is taking a leave from the station as he is headed to Afghanistan as part of an Alabama Air National Guard 187th Fighter Wing deployment.

It’s his second deployment.

Chase said, “The first time when I deployed to Iraq, I was single”.

Chase is an aircraft armament specialist.

“I have to get the bomb on the airplane so the pilot can get there do the job that needs to be done. That way the guys on the job can come home.”

For the past 9 months, Moon commuted to WHNT from Jasper –an 80-90 mile drive one way.

Moon – A husband to Jennifer and a father to Natalie. He will leave them for, at least, several months

Chase said, “I’ve been in Iraq, and I’ve been in a war, but I’ve never been in a war with a wife and a child at home.”

Chase’s goal is to do his job well, do it a day at a time and get home to see his family again.

Chase said, “I’m trained. I know what I’m supposed to do. As long as i keep my eye on what I’m supposed to do, then everything else will fall in place.”

Good luck to Chase!