Fox News: Gawker Story on Shep is 100% False

Gawker came out with a story this morning that claims that Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith wanted to come out of the closet and admit that he was gay.

According to Gawker, Fox News boss Roger Ailes said that Smith could not come out and would not let it happen. 

Gawker writes:

The newly attached anchor was eager, at the time, to finally acknowledge his sexuality. “It’s time,” he told Ailes and other colleagues. “It’s time.”

Instead, Ailes informed Smith that the network’s famously conservative audience would not tolerate a gay news anchor. Ailes’ answer was definitive: Smith could not say he’s gay.

Fox News fires back and claims that the Gawker story is completely wrong. “This story is 100% false and a complete fabrication,” Ailes and Smith said in a joint statement.

hen Fox News executive Bill Shine also chimed in with a statement of his own. “Throughout his entire tenure here, Roger Ailes and I have fully supported him in both a professional and personal capacity. We have never asked Shep to discuss or not discuss his private life, and the notion of us having an issue with anyone’s sexuality is not only insulting, but pure fiction," said Shine in another statement released by Fox News.

Really if Shepard Smith is gay or not really shouldn't make a difference either way as long as he does his job as a professional.

But, this much is clear, Gawker is trying like hell to drag Smith out of the closet and Fox News is doing their best to keep the door shut.

Why anyone cares either way? We don't have a clue.

Just saying....