NBC Doesn't Want Kathie Lee Pimping her Wine on Air

FTVLive told you last week that Kathie Lee Gifford was getting her own line of wine.

But, don't expect her to be pushing the product on air. Word is that NBC has told Gifford, no plugging her wine on the Today Show. 

"They (NBC) let me announce it and then they've asked us to please not discuss it right now," Gifford said. "We're in the middle of the big takeover of a major corporation (Time Warner Cable). I think they just want to be — and rightfully so — very careful. Everybody wants to dot i's and cross t's and you notice the wine is still sitting there but they've just asked me to be a little careful while they're under great scrutiny and I'm happy to do that."

A representative for "Today" said, "We love and support Kathie Lee and as always, we let her comments speak for themselves."

Although Gifford can't plug her wine on air, don't expect either her or Hoda Kotb to stop drinking wine while hosting the show.