Josh Elliott: It wasn't About the Money

Josh Elliott says that his leaving Good Morning America and ABC was not about the money.

"In the end, it had nothing to do with money," he told People in his first interview since news broke that he's heading to his former network's rival, NBC Sports.

Early reports indicated Elliott was in a contract negotiation war with ABC asking for $10 million a year while the network offered only half that.

But when news hit that he reportedly signed on with NBC for $4 million a year, questions arose about whether money was truly at the center of his decision to leave "GMA" or not.

"There were two great offers on the table and it certainly was a difficult choice to make," he said. "I feel I made the best one."

The 42-year-old TV journalist added, "It wasn't at all about anyone or anything at ABC," he told People. "It was about what lies ahead for me at NBC Sports."

Starting with Kentucky Derby coverage in May, Elliott will be a key player in reporting other big sporting events such as the Olympics, the NFL and the Triple Crown, which is exactly the direction he wanted to take his career.

"I have always wanted to be part of an Olympics broadcast and the opportunity to cover sports that captivate America was too good to pass up," he continued.

Elliott had a successful run on "GMA," which he joined in 2011 after leaving ESPN. Now with his eyes on the prize, he departs from the morning show family that bumped the "Today" show to second place in the ratings after 16 years at No. 1.

H/T NY Daily News