Not Again?! Race to Be First....But Not Right

Here we go again.

The TV news outlets spent much of Tuesday trying to guess what punishment  NBA Commissioner Adam Silverwould hand down against racist LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Just before Silver's 2 PM conference, TMZ—which broke the initial news about the recording—tweeted that the league had suspended Sterling "indefinitely."

Minutes later NBC News jumped on the bandwagon and tweeted same information, adding that Sterling would be fined $5 million.

On MSNBC, host Joy Reid said that the network had "confirmed" those details.

Surprise, surprise the reports were wrong.

Silver announced that Sterling had been banned for life, not suspended, and that he had been fined $2.5 million, not $5 million.

And cue the correction from NBC News:

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 3.58.03 PM.png

No matter how many times it happens, networks now-a-days are much more concerned with being first than they are with being right.

And that in itself is a very sad. 

H/T HuffPo