Jacksonville News Director Still M-I-A

Weeks ago, FTVLive got word that WTLV News Director Kathy Williams was gone from the station.

We called WTLV GM Eric Land and asked him if Williams was no longer at the station? Land told us "nothing could be further from the truth." We asked him if Williams still worked at the station? Land replied "absolutely."

But it appears that Eric Land might have not been very forthright with FTVLive. 

Williams has not been seen in the newsroom for weeks and by all accounts, she isn't coming back.

FTVLive spoke with a staffer from First Coast News just moments ago. The employee tells FTVLive that the staff has been kept in the dark as to what is happening with their News Director.

It's the middle of the May book and management is not coming clean to the staff. Then again why should management be straight with the staff, it's only the communications business after all. 

Stay tuned....