Rick Sanchez wants to be the Next Bill Maher

Former cable news Anchor Rick Sanchez is returning to TV and he wants to be the Latino's answer to Jon Stewart and/or Bill Maher!

Sanchez show is coming  to Miami-based Mira TV May 5 with a nightly, hour-long talk/news show modeled after politically-engaged news entertainment fares.

From what Sanchez says, the format is Bill Maher meets Jon Stewart – in Miami-style Spanglish.

“It’s something that nobody has tried on Spanish television,” says Sanchez, who’ll continue his daily two-hour late morning talk show on radio’s WIOD-610AM. “There’s a space between news, which is very traditional on Spanish TV, and entertainment, which is audacious. That’s the gap we’ll try to fill.”

Don’t expect scantily-clad ladies, a staple of spanish TV though. 

“Nah, we don’t do that,” said the former anchor, who was canned from CNN in 2010 after being accused of claiming that Jews own the media.

Executive producer Fernando Ferro, a 25-year-old TV whiz who’s been directing Venezuela soap operas for two years, said he and the always-outspoken Sanchez have been working on the idea for more than a year.

“When the show opens, it’ll be Rick’s monologue, with humor and passion,” Ferro said. “Then there’ll be a panel discussion, just like (HBO’s) Real Time with Bill Maher. We’ll end with a video reporter on the street or Rick interviewing a famous personality.”

There won’t be a studio audience at first, although Ferro says he’s using a cheering and laughing track.

At first, the show will air in Miami, Tampa and Orlando, with an option for New York. Ferro says Mira is committed to airing the show, titled "Rick Sanchez", for a year.

And since Sanchez’ perspective is on the right, and Ferro’s is on the left alongside their mentor Maher, he says the show will probably leave viewers feeling somewhere in the middle.

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