WBBH in Fort Myers just won a regional Murrow but some insiders say that the station was not truthful on their submission for the award.

The station won for a series of stories on an underwater art museum off the coast of Lee County, FL. 

One source says that what WBBH won't tell you is that one fourth of their video was shot by a third-party and the station never properly credited them. The source says they instead passed it off as their own work.

Here's a link their submission: and here's one to where our source says they got their underwater video:

Our source says that almost 25% of WBBH's video submission was third party, professional video belonging to the Lee County Visitor Center and Convention Bureau, and was never labeled or verbally mentioned as not being theirs.

Breaking it down to the second shows that of the 9min 45sec submission, 2min 17sec were third party, professionally shot, underwater video; that's just over 23% of all video in their submission.

It appears that WBBH is in breach of the RTDNA Code of Ethics. 

In the RTDNA Code of Ethics under TRUTH: "Clearly disclose the origin of information and label all material provided by outsiders." 

Not that any of those awards mean anything other than a chance for the station to brag, but shouldn't the station be on the up and up when submitting the for the award?

Just asking....