O-Town Station Brings in the Big Guns for Weekend Mornings

The main Anchors at WFTV have been taking turns anchoring the weekend morning newscasts at the station.

FTVLive told you back in February that the station let weekend Morning Anchor Mark Joyella out of his contract. 

After Joyella departed, the station brought on some of its biggest weekday anchors to fill in.

Martie Salt, Greg Warmoth and Vanessa Welch from evening newscasts have taken the early, five-hour shifts.

Vanessa Echols and Jamie Holmes added early weekend to their early weekday duties.

Next up: Nancy Alvarez (pictured) this weekend, and Jorge Estevez the following weekend.

"We truly don't have any newscasts that we give short shrift to,"  WFTV news director Matt Parcell said Wednesday.

So when will WFTV name a replacement?

"We’re still looking. It's a significant spot," Parcell said. "You want to make sure you find the right person and find someone who has the potential to develop."

So when might that person be found?

Parcell said he should know in two weeks.

H/T Orlando Sentinel