Jeff Zucker: I Want People to Tell me I'm Wrong (UPDATED)

FTVLive told you back in January that CNN boss Jeff Zucker held a company wide town hall meeting for the entire staff at CNN.

When the town hall reached the question and answer part of the meeting, which Anderson Cooper moderated, the very first question asked was how does CNN stop all managers at the network from being afraid of Zucker?

Zucker, did not seem pleased with the first question, but claimed that he likes the staff that pushes back against him and tells him he's wrong.

Sure you do Jeff, sure you do.

Here is the video of that question being asked at the town hall meeting and Zucker's response.

Update: CNN forced the video to be pulled. Which if you ask us is a wrong thing to do.

Zucker said he likes when people tell him he's he must be loving FTVLive right about now. 

Right Jeff?