Anchor Goes Part Time to Reconnect with "Real Life"

WCCO Weekend Anchor Edward Moody III asked to cut his schedule to part time and leave the anchor desk so he could get back to his "real life".

Moody tells the Star Tribune that he “asked to go part time, so I could reconnect with my REAL life. I’d been hopping around the country for about a decade, and maybe two years ago I realized I’d basically missed 10 years of the lives of the people I love, chasing this dream. So now I’m using the extra time to be with my partner Up North and see my mom, aunt and grandmother more.”

“I didn’t want to totally step away from my career, but I needed to pull back,” Moody says. “Some people can balance a demanding career and personal life, but I wasn’t doing it so well.” As part of this change, Moody has given up his weekend anchor chair.

FTVLive has some advice for Mr. Moody, we have lived the real life and it ain't that great either.

Just saying....