USA vs. Canada in the Battle of News Sets

 KTVA News Set

KTVA News Set

FTVLive told you about one of the better news sets that we have ever seen and it's in a very small market.

FTVLive sponsor Devlin Design Group built a news set for KTVA in Alaska and it is extremely impressive to say the least.  

Our buddies over at NewscastStudio are running a contest who has the best news set?

The KTVA has been advancing through the bracket and is now up against a set from Canada AM. 

So the contest has pitted the good old USA against Canada in the battle of the news sets.

You can view the battle here and vote for which set you like better.

Even though Devlin is a sponsor of FTVLive and he and his company is American, we are not going to tell you which way we think you should vote.

Screw that!

Vote for the KTVA set and let's show those Canadians that the Red, White and Blue is best when it comes to TV news!