I'm Depressed Because it's all over the News

Some people get depressed watching the news, others because they are on the news.

Kevin Hughes was busted in a South Carolina Walmart for walking around the in the middle of the night wearing only black shoes. Which sadly is not the strangest thing that happens in Walmart. 

WSOC Reporter Trish Wilford confronted Hughes in front of his sister’s house. After saying that he didn't want to comment, he then told Wilford the reason he was buck naked in the big box store.

He says he got his drugs mixed up. 

“I’ve had a problem with drugs in the past, I still like to do some Ecstasy once in a while; the only drug I ever thought I’d do again. And I accidentally got methamphetamine instead, and it really made me crazy.”

He told Wilford that he was depressed because it's all over the news and now says he's going to have to move.

We suggest he move to a place that's not close to a Walmart.

Just saying.....

Let's go to the video: