CNN Does Story on how the KKK can Rebrand

CNN boss Jeff Zucker has been trying to rebrand CNN into more than just a news operation. It hasn't gone very well and the ratings have been awful.

But, there is one group that CNN points out might have even a tougher time trying to rebrand their image.

The Ku Klux Klan.

CNN did a story on how the KKK might want to try rebranding themselves.

Is it impossible for a group that has a history of killing people, burning crosses and all out hate can rebrand?

No...says top marketing experts to CNN.

"The Klan could change its name, get a smooth-talking spokesperson, replace the robes with suits and take off those ridiculous hats, but underneath, people would recognize its message is the same," the story says.

The CNN story ended with a marketing executive comparing the Klan's killing to that of a faulty car. WTF?!

"Or to compare it to a product, "if you have a car that is killing people because the gas tank is exploding, it doesn't matter how fantastic the ad campaign is for that car.""

Really CNN?! You giving PR advice to the KKK now? 

Let's get back to the missing plane shall we.