Memphis Station to Give Viewers Cash to Watch During Sweeps

Obviously WREG in Memphis doesn't have full faith in their news product and is resorting to cold hard cash to try and get viewers to watch in the upcoming May book.

The station is running an on air contest during it's morning and late newscasts dubbed as "Krush It!"

The rules state that the viewer will see an identified cue with a phone number and an invitation to “Call Now.”  The third person who calls (WRED is Channel 3.... oh so clever) after the cue to “Call Now” will get a chance to win the money.

After the viewers calls in, one of the WREG anchors will do their best Vanna White impression and will according to the station "search the board for three (3) matched ‘treats’ in a row."

WREG newscast member will touch or ‘click’ the matched treats, clearing them from the board. A dollar amount will appear on-screen, ranging from $300-$5000.

The matched treat played by the WREG talent will indicate the prize amount.

On rare occasions, the ‘3’ logo may appear on top of a treat.  When clicked, this treat may deliver a larger dollar amount. Oh Boy!

What happened to the days of just doing good hard hitting news to get viewers?

Shame on WREG for resorting to this crap.