Internal Review or Sweeping it Under the Rug?

On Monday FTVLive reported that CNN Producers Yon Pomrenze and Connor Fieldman Boals were told by higher ups to try and gain access to the 1 World Trade Center site.

The two tried going through one gate, but were stopped by a police officer; one of them was seen twice climbing the fence, but was stopped; and they tried to push their way through a gate before finally being arrested.

Our CNN source said that Pomrenze and Boals were told to try and get into site of 1 World Trade Center. And our source says that it wasn't just some Assignment Editor or a low level employee that told them to do so.

The source claims the two were told by Senior VP of Domestic News Gathering Andrew Morse to try and gain access to the WTC.

A CNN spokesperson told the website Politi co (they spell FTVLive as FTV Live, so we will spell Politico as Politi co) that Morse did not instruct producers to try to breach security at the World Trade Center site, network sources said Monday.

The network then claimed they are currently conducting an internal review to determine exactly what instructions were given to the two producers, and by whom?

How can CNN say that Morse had no role, when according to then they are currently still doing the internal review?

At the time of the two's arrests, CNN said they two acted on their own to try and trespass of the WTC site. Yet, now they are doing an internal review.


Politi co writes that what's unclear is whether or not someone below Morse instructed or encouraged the producers to gain access to the site, if the producers misinterpreted the instructions, or if the producers decided to try to breach the site on their own.

Wait! CNN said after they were busted that they acted on their own. Now, they are looking into what happened. So, did CNN lie when the two were arrested? 

We're not sure about you, but FTVLive is not going to put my faith in CNN's findings of their "internal review."

Sounds more like sweeping it under the rug to us.

Just saying...