The Toughest Interview that Obama had was with Jon Stewart

White House Spokesperson Jay Carney sat down with a group yesterday at George Washington University and talked about being the mouthpiece for the President. 

One of the more interesting things to come out of the talk was Carney talking about the one of the President's tougher interviews.

It didn't come from 60 Minutes, Fox News or NBC. According to Carney, Obama's toughest interview was on Comedy Central's The Daily Show and its host Jon Stewart. 

"I remember we had some discussion during 2012 about well, is it appropriate for the president, the sitting president and candidate, to give interviews with Jon Stewart and others. And the answer was yes, again because the young voters we were trying to reach are more likely to watch The Daily Show than some other news shows. But also, I think if you look back at 2012 and the series of interviews the sitting president of the United States gave, probably the toughest interview he had was with Jon Stewart. Probably the most substantive, challenging interview Barack Obama had in the election year was with the anchor of The Daily Show."

Kind of shows you the sad state of Journalism these days, don't you think?