These Anchors give Good Head

Normally when you bump across a website with the title you might be expecting to find something different. 

But this site has no nudity and it is all about TV Anchors hair.

I know..... you're going to say that there are a number of websites talking about the hair of the women we watch on TV.

But this site is about the male anchors. There's a switch.

GGH list the top 25 Anchors with what they feel is the best hair. 

Since we have no clue what makes a guy's hair good or bad, we'll take this site's word on the top domes in TV news. 

At the top of the list is KUSA's Eric Egan. Talking about his hair the site writes that Eric Egan’s hair inspired the creation of Photoshop, so that others could (at least in pictures) have hair so perfect. Eric Egan’s hair taunts the wind. Eric Egan’s hair makes purebred Clydesdales jealous. Legend has it that, Eric Egan’s hair is President Obama’s top adviser. Perhaps we went too far. Perhaps we haven’t gone far enough?

Eric Egan’s hair once told the Dalai Lama to “calm down.” Eric Egan’s hair has a trust fund set up for his children that they can’t touch until they’re 35, because Eric Egan’s hair believes in responsibility. 

If you want to check out the others on the list, here's a link.