Robin Roberts Remembers When She Found the Lump

Good Morning America Anchor Robin Roberts remembers exactly when she noticed a lump in her neck. 

Roberts was covering the Oscars in 2012 when she found the lump. Four years earlier, she had beaten breast cancer and returned to “Good Morning America.” Roberts initially didn’t think anything of the lump, but her girlfriend Amber Laign, who was traveling with her, demanded she see a doctor.

“I may not have even bothered to have it checked if Amber had not been there,” Roberts writes in her new memoir, “Everybody’s Got Something,” which hits bookstores next Tuesday.

She was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease, myelodysplastic syndrome. She happened to receive her diagnosis the same day that “Good Morning America” finally toppled “Today” in the ratings race. In the book, a copy of which the Daily News obtained, she wrote she returned to “GMA” with a secret — she would not fight breast cancer if it returned. But her new diagnosis soon led to a change of heart.

“Even though it meant more chemo, even though I know that my immune system would be destroyed and then rebuilt again, cell by cell, I had only one thought: ‘I want to live,’ ” Roberts writes.

At a rooftop party to celebrate the ratings victory, she decided not to share her sad state with co-workers: “I couldn’t dampen all that joy with my dire news,” she recalls.

She didn’t make that decision to undergo chemotherapy alone, she wrote, singling out Laign, and many others, for giving her the courage to fight on.

“I want to sing a praise song for the love that carried me through,” she wrote, only a few months after she publicly identified Laign as her girlfriend by posting a picture of the pair together.

Roberts, 53, returned to “GMA” in February 2013 — five months after a bone marrow transplant from her sister. But within two months, she stopped taking some medications and came down with pneumonia.

“I learned my lesson,” she wrote. “I now take every last drop of whatever it is that they tell me ... and I’ve been better for it.” She said she hasn’t been back to a hospital since then. 

H/T NY Daily News