FCC Says No to Joint Sales Agreements

It is a rule that will have an impact on a number of stations.

The FCC ruled by a 3-2 vote that TV broadcasters generally may not form new joint sales agreements in which one station sells 15% or more of the advertising time of another separately owned station in the same market.

Some broadcasters have been using JSAs exceeding 15%, usually in concert with shared services agreements, to operate second TV stations in markets where outright ownership is prohibited by agency rules.

Also under the new regulation, existing JSAs would generally be required to unwind within two years, unless the broadcasters involved can persuade the FCC that a particular arrangement genuinely serves the public interest.

The commission said the Media Bureau will consider waiver requests within 90 days of the closing of the record on the requests.

You can expect a lot of stations will be filing and requesting a waiver. 

Stay tuned....

H/T TVNewsCheck