The Week that Flu By


My battle with the flu continues and while I still feel awful, I can say that this morning I feel a bit better (like maybe I'm not going to die).

Here's my flu battle by the numbers:

103.5 - that was my body temperature at the highest that I measured. Right now my temp is just under 100.

2 - the number of meals I have eaten since Sunday.

6 - the number of Kleenex boxes that I have gone through.

1 - the number of ears that I have that are working. I have lost hearing in my right ear and told it could be this way for weeks. 

1 - the number of baths I have taken this week. This is a huge number because I haven't taken a bath in years. But, I was suffering the chills so bad, I have to jump in the tub. 

2 - the number of bottles of Nyquil that I have sucked down this week. 

5,000,000 - this is an estimate of the number of times I have coughed this week. Wait....make that number 5,000,001 now.

1983 - this is really the only number that counts. It's the number of emails I have gotten from all of you wishing me well. I have not responded to any of the emails, but I did read them all and I can say that it helped.

I'm sorry that FTVLive has been lacking on updates this week and I appreciate you guys for understanding. I'm hoping to have this flu bug at least manageable by next week and FTVLive can get somewhere back to full strength.

Hell, at this point 50% will be OK with me. 

Thanks again for the support. 

Below are the morning updates and I'm sure I will be posting more stories later Today.