Scott vs. The Flu Update (Hint: Flu is Still winning)


Thank God this has been a fairly slow week when it comes to news about TV news. 

It has killed me these past 4 days, being hit hard by the flu and not able to update FTVLive on a regular basis.

Over the last 4 days I have eaten only one meal and I am so sick on just laying in bed and coughing.

Sitting at my computer for longer than just a few minutes is still next to impossible. This is without a doubt the most sick I have ever been in my life. 

Again, I want to thank everyone that has sent along their well wishes. I have not responded to anyone, because to be honest, if I'm sitting at my computer, I want to bang out some stories for you guys to read. But, I have read all the messages and I thank you.

I will update the site later this morning and thanks to all of you for understanding. 

By the way, I got a flu shot over a month ago and needless to say it didn't work. Do you think I can go and ask for my money back?