TVInteract is Acquired by Tagboard


You can't say FTVLive doesn't know a good thing when we see it. Back last year we wrote about the one app ever TV station should have called TVInteract.

The social media app was dreamt up by former Seattle Anchor Jenni Hogan and it makes bringing social media to TV station's air a very simple process. 

We thought the idea was a home run and wrote it about on FTVLive.

This year, TVInteract became a sponsor on FTVLive.

Today, Hogan and her company, only in existence for a few months has been acquired by Tagboard. 

 Tagboard, a Seattle-based social media software company and acquisition brings together two companies that are leading innovation in social media tools across multiple consumer touch points.

As part of the acquisition, TVinteract Founder and CEO Hogan will join Tagboard immediately as Chief Media Officer. In this role Hogan will lead the company’s media and broadcast strategy along with continuing to develop innovative products to help move the Social TV industry forward. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Tagboard, founded by CEO Josh Decker, COO Tim Shimotakahara, and CPO Sean Sperte, is committed to growing and building TVinteract to expand its global offerings in the social TV market. Tagboard aggregates social media from source networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, and others, offering curation and display tools for mobile and web applications, as well as for large-format screens, such as stadium video boards.

Tagboard works with leading global companies, organizations, and events to safely host, amplify, and promote curated social media related to their brands and properties. The company's clients include Microsoft, Intel, Jaguar, Boeing, Samsung, Nordstrom, the Seattle Seahawks, the Boston Bruins, superstar musical acts like One Direction, and numerous other businesses, organizations, and communities of all sizes.

“Tagboard is committed to building a powerful and innovative technology platform that delivers social media engagement to new audiences. The acquisition of TVinteract reinforces Tagboard’s leadership in the convergence of traditional and social media, and expands our audience reach,” said Decker. “We’re also thrilled about having a social media visionary like Jenni Hogan join the Tagboard team.”

In TVinteract, Tagboard picks up a company that is leading the way in social TV by offering tools for talent that are not found elsewhere in the market today. TVinteract provides on-air integrations for some of the largest networks and cable stations, news broadcasts, talk shows and webcasts worldwide, as well as hundreds of local news broadcasts including FOX New York, CBS Philadelphia and NBC Seattle. 

“I couldn’t be more excited to join Tagboard’s world-class team. They are clear innovators in the social technology space,” said Hogan. “I’ve experienced the power of the second screen and viewer engagement when it comes to live broadcasts, and now we’re combining forces to take that to a whole new level.” 

What does this mean for TV stations using the app? It's about to get even better and more options are headed your way.

FTVLive saw Hogan's company as a groundbreaker and this latest news proves we were dead on the money. 

Visit the TVInteract website and get your station signed up now.