Source: CNN Staffers Told to Try to Get onto World Trade Center Site

When police arrested two CNN staffers after they tried three times to enter the World Trade Center, CNN bosses tried to distant themselves from the story.

 The NY Port Authority said that CNN Producers Yon Pomrenze and Connor Fieldman Boals tried going through one gate, but were stopped by a police officer; one of them was seen twice climbing the fence, but was stopped; and they tried to push their way through a gate before finally being arrested.

CNN claimed that the producers were assigned to do a story about the recent break-ins, but weren’t asked to actually sneak onto the site.

ot so says a CNN source to FTVLive.

Our source says that Pomrenze and Boals were told to try and get into site of 1 World Trade Center. And our source says that it wasn't just some Assignment Editor or a low level employee that told them to do so.

Word is that the two were told by Senior VP of Domestic News Gathering Andrew Morse to try and gain access to the WTC.

Word is there is also a paper/email trail that shows that Morse was involved in the stunt. 

Our source says that CNN boss Jeff Zucker is livid at Morse.

"Zucker hates that there is documentation that shows Executives at CNN did know that the employees were trying to gain access to the site," says our tipster.

When the two were arrested they were equipped with small GoPro cameras. GoPro is also a CNN sponsor.

We hear that CNN is hoping that this all goes away quietly and that police will not dig anymore into it. 

As for right now, it's back to the missing plane coverage.