NBC Tries to Dismantle GMA


When Good Morning American passed longtime leader the Today Show in the ratings, NBC panicked.

The Peacock was so shocked at being passed, they didn't know what to do?

They first kicked Ann Curry to the curb. When that didn't work, the Today Show started moving people out behind the scenes. Producers and bosses were changed out and yet NBC was still not able to catch GMA.

So after dismantling the Today Show with no success, NBC has set their sights on dismantling GMA.

First, NBC property the Weather Channel scooped up Sam Champion and given him a role would make the witness protection program proud. Champion has his own show on the Weather Channel that no one is watching, but it's keeping Sam busy and that's all that counts.

Now, NBC Sports has snatched up Josh Elliott.

Elliott will be given a role at major sports events broadcast on NBC which is few and far between. In other words, Elliott will also be out of sight and out of mind for most viewers.

You can look for both Champion and Elliott to pop up from time to time on the Today Show. Not really to bring in ratings as much as to rub GMA's face in the fact they stole two of their players.

But, the New York Yankees have shown, no matter how much money you spend, you still can't buy a championship every year.

There is no question that NBC overpaid for Elliott and ABC made the right move in letting him go. ABC offered Elliott more than 3 times his current salary and he said no.

ABC gave Elliott his break at both ESPN and GMA and this is how he paid them back. It was an Josh Elliott money grab and nothing more. 

But, Elliott was just a "News Reader" and losing him is a akin to the Yankees losing a middle reliever (like all my baseball references of Opening Day?), they would have liked to keep him, but it likely won't hurt them.

Amy Robach (formally of NBC) is more than capable of taking on Elliott's role at ABC.

As for NBC?

Unless they can steal away Robin Roberts, they latest strategy is also going to fail.