CNN Interrupt's Plane Coverage for....Plane Coverage

You know CNN has gone completely off the deep end when the break into their missing plane coverage for news on the missing plane.

CNN interuptted Reliable Sources which was talking about the missing plane for breaking news about......the missing plane!

What was important enough to interrupt plane coverage for plane coverage?

Four new objects were spotted in the Indian Ocean but there was no evidence that the objects were tied to the missing plane.

CNN's Fredricka Whitfield broke into coverage of the plane to report more news on the plane and the 4 new objects. However, as her discussion with a CNN correspondent suggested that the four items could very likely just be trash.

"When you actually get down to the ocean and you recover the items, it might turn out to be a different story," correspondent Will Ripley said. "That seems to be the case that we are now learning."

Now back to your missing plane coverage.

H/T HuffPo