Milwaukee Station are not so Smart with the News

Stations in Milwaukee had some big breaking news during their evening newscasts.

The stations reported that basketball coach Shaka Smart was leaving Virginia Commonwealth and headed to Marquette.

It was a big story in local sports......and it wasn't true. 

In the end Smart might end up going to Marquette, but it was nowhere near being a done deal as the stations were reporting. 

Deadspin writes that the truth is hard to sort out, because none of the stations identified their sources. But here's how clueless Milwaukee TV was today: they drove their trucks over to Marquette's campus for a hoax press conference—this after assuring viewers that "sources close to the Marquette basketball program" leaked them the info that Smart had signed on the dotted line. (Both Marquette and VCU insist nobody's spoken to Smart about a new job.)