Drinking the Kool-Aide

Watching Fox News' Media Buzz or CNN's Reliable Sources is like watching a local Sports Anchor that roots for the home team.

That was never more apparent that this past week.

Ed Bark writes that Howard Kurtz, who anchored CNN’s Reliable Sources for 15 years, now presides over FNC’s Media Buzz . On the topic of Flight 370, Kurtz did what his old bosses at CNN never would have allowed. Namely, he ripped and twitted CNN’s coverage throughoutMedia Buzz.

Kurtz’s Reliable Sources successor, former New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter, in contrast gave his new employer’s coverage a virtual free pass. He instead opened his program by ridiculing Fox News Channel -- and Bill O’Reilly in particular -- for being critical of CNN.

In other words, both hosts prostituted themselves in the service of the network that signs their paychecks. 

It really shouldn't surprise anyone that both shows are nothing more than sellouts for the company.

Howard Kurtz is by far and away the weakest talent on Fox News. As smart as Roger Ailes is, why he has this bafoon on the air, FTVLive has no idea. Both Kurtz and his "girlfriend" Lauren Ashburn should be gone from FNC. They really do drag the brand down.

As for Stelter, this really was his weakest show. It was like Jeff Zucker pulled him aside and said, "do what you can to make our non-stop coverage look good."

There is no way Stelter would have praised CNN this much if he was still writing for the NY Times. 

Up until this week, Stelter has seemed to be fairly objective in his coverage and FTVLive still holds out hope for him. We're hoping that last week's show was an anomaly and not a sign of things to come.

As for Kurtz....there is no hope. Fox News should pull the plug on him ASAP.