Josh Elliott Raises Eyebrows with Demands


This morning FTVLive told you that Good Morning America Anchor Josh Elliott is demanding a huge raise to stay at ABC.

The story from Page Six claimed that Elliott now making $1.2 million a year, is demanding $8 million a year to stay, ABC sources tell FTVLive that those numbers are inflated by quite a bit. Sources says that Elliott's current contract is much closer to the 700-800 thousand dollar range and not $1.2 million.

Also word is that ABC has an offer on the table in the $3-4 million dollar range and that Elliott's agents are looking for something around $6 million.

I have to ask, how many of you people would turn down an offer that more than triples your salary?


Sources also tell FTVLive that ABC boss Ben Sherwood feels like Elliott has turned up his nose at him. Sherwood gave Elliott a big break by putting him on GMA. The money grab by Elliott and his agents has some inside ABC shaking their heads. 

While Elliot's agents are making noise about have other options for their client, ABC has also held quiet talks about who they can replace Elliott with.

FTVLive reported earlier this month the negotiations had turned nasty between the two sides and it seems that that nastiness is moving up a notch.

Stay tuned....