Florida Weatherman and Wife Being Sued for $2 Million


A well-known celebrity photographer in New York has filed a lawsuit against his daughter, a communications director with the State Attorney's Office in Fort Myers, and son-in-law, WFTX (Ft. Myers) Fox4 weatherman Jim Syoen, claiming the couple stole $1 million worth of his property while he was gravely ill and in the hospital.

A summons was issued for Samantha Syoen and her husband by a New York court, where Frank Ross is suing them for elder abuse, fraud, conversion, trespass to property and unjust enrichment.

Ross alleges in the lawsuit that Samantha Syoen got him to sign papers giving them control of his property last year when he was critically ill.

The summons states, while Ross was sick, both Samantha and Jim Syoen traveled to New York and looted his home, shipping the contents to their Fort Myers home.

The Syoens allegedly stole furniture, antiques, a car and an archive of photographs and negatives Ross acquired over thirty years as a professional photographer.

Ross is seeking the return of the property, plus another $1 million in punitive damages.

We reached out to the Syoens for comment on the allegations, they referred our request for comment to their attorney, Carlos Cavenago, who provided a statement saying: "The allegations in the complaint are meritless... And it will be vigorously defended."