San Antonio Anchor Opens Coffee Shop

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KSAT Anchor Charles Gonzalez took 3 weeks off of work, but it was far from a vacation. 

Gonzalez has been working the last 3 years on opening up his own coffee shop. He spent the past 3 weeks putting on the finishing touches and finally opening the doors to his new business. 

The anchorman has been pulling double duty as a news professional and an entrepreneur, but finally was enjoying the fruits of his labor when he threw open Rosella Coffee Co.'s doors. 

The shop is located just north of downtown, the cafe brews Cuvee Coffee, sandwiches and baked goods, and — at night — beer and wine.

"Patience and dogged persistence" were the secrets to getting the job done, Gonzalez says.

This weekend Gonzalez heads back to the anchor desk after his time off.

He'll need some caffeine to handle both jobs, but at least he knows where he can get it.

H/T San Antonio Business Journal