What's the Rush Sam?

The Weather Channel's “AMHQ,” which debuted Monday with a core team of Sam Champion, Mike Bettes, Anaridis Rodriguez and Maria LaRosa, seemed to be in a rush for it's first show.

The 3 hour morning show seemed to be trying to pack 5 hours into 3.

It seemed like every segment was rushed.

At one point Champion sent to a live hit with a Reporter from the Huffington Post and told the Reporter, "we only have 30 seconds."

Champion made a big deal about how they are the only program covering water problems and included a report live from the Colorado River.

Again, the river report was rushed and really was never given time to breathe and tell us why she should care about the Colorado River?

A report on the NCAA basketball tournament mentioned none of the teams, so why even do it. 

Also, no matter what Champion says, the show was all about Sam. Often times all the Anchors would be on the set, but they would just be seen nodding while Champion did the talking. 

AMHQ is never going to be a big draw in the ratings, but they really need to just slow things down and tell the stories.

Quit trying to be GMA on meth.