More Trouble at Russian TV

Back on March 6th, FTVLive told you that RT America anchor Liz Wahl abruptly resigned from her job while doing a live segment on Wednesday afternoon.

Insiders now tell FTVLive that there are still problems happening inside RT America. Word is that one American anchor on Monday voiced object to a report from Ukraine that Moscow put together.

Insiders say she took the complaint to the News Director around 330pm and was taken off the anchor desk. The 4pm show was canceled and Moscow coverage was put in its place.

Also, FTVLive hears that there’s a new RT show in the works that’s a late night comedy show (SNL Update & Stewart type) with 3 people,

Sources say that a rehearsal yesterday was canceled because of jokes about the Ukraine coverage.

Yes......a rehearsal was canceled because of jokes.

Stay tuned....