Anchoring the Newscast Wearing Camo

To show you just how stupid stations will get to try and drum up Facebook "Likes," let's head to Mobile, AL and WPMI.

Anchor Greg Peterson went on the air yesterday dressed in a camouflage outfit.


Because the station got to their goal of 50,000 "Likes" on Facebook.

Peterson promised that he would sport the Camo if the station was able to get to the 50K goal. He went on the air yesterday dressed as a redneck and sporting a Duck Dynasty hat. Peterson said it was "all for a good cause".

Which would make you believe that it was raising money for charity or something.

It wasn't.

The "cause" was getting Facebook "Likes"...... which really doesn't do anything for the station or the people that "liked" them. 

Other than making your Anchor look stupid and lame.